MU123 حل واجب . 2016

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MU123 حل واجب . 2016

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The TMA:
This TMA consists of 14 questions that cover the material up to the end of unit5 Answer the following questions, showing your full work, formulas and calculations:
Question Number 1: Convert these values: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
0.5m to mille.
420g to kg.
120 days to years.
Question Number 2: Round these values: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
10.596 to 3 significant figures.
4.00492 to 2 decimal points.
4.320 cents to the nearest whole dollar.
Question Number 3: Calculate these numbers: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
-6 x -0.5=
(-2) - (-2)=
Question Number 4: Simplify these fractions to be as "mixed fraction" numbers: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
2 1/2 + 1/4 =
1/2 ÷ 2/7 =
5 x 3/4 =
Question Number 5: Draw this inequality on the number line: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
Speed on the highway must exceed 60km/h but less than 120 km/h.
Boys are allowed to enter the party if they are 17 years old at least.
Question Number 6: Find HCF and LCM for 50 and 16. …(6marks, 3 for each part)
Question Number 7: Calculate these numbers as powers: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
7^1x 7^(2 ) =
5^9/5^7 =
〖〖(3〗^2)〗^4 =
Question Number 8: Calculate these numbers as scientific notations: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
(3 x〖10〗^(2 )) x (2x〖10〗^(-5)) =
〖6x10〗^4/〖2x10〗^(-2) =
(4x〖10〗^(-1)) - (2x〖10〗^2)
Question Number 9: Calculate these numbers as roots: …(6marks, 2 for each part)
√(2&2 )+ √(2&2)=
Question Number 10: What is the net price you will pay if you purchased a T.V had the list price as USD 1000 and you get three series discounts: 5% for season, 10% for VIP customer, and 15% for loyalty program. …(6marks)
Question Number 11: There are 90 students in your class, 1/6 of them went to the festival, how many student stay in the class? …(6marks)
Question Number 12: Simplify this formula: …(6marks)
-3m x (-2m) – (-2m x m) + m^2 x 9
Question Number 13: If Sam's age after 10 years will be triple times of his age before 6 years, how old is he right now? …(6marks)
Question Number 14: Look at this (exam-marks') table and calculate the next statistic parameters: …(17marks)
Name Sam Adam John Mary Layan Jim
Marks 60 70 75 90 80 45
Calculate the mean. (2marks)
Calculate the median. (2marks)
Calculate the range. (2marks)
Calculate the IQR. (2marks)
Calculate the Standard Deviation and variance. (3marks)
Look at the values of mean and median, what do you note? Explain it. (2marks)
Look at the values of range and IQR, what do you note? Explain it. (2marks)
Look at Standard Deviation value, what this means? (2marks)

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