What is the IP address of the server hosting Moodle

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What is the IP address of the server hosting Moodle

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Q3. Sniffing traffic using Wireshark
Wireshark is the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer. It is used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education. The software and its user guide could be downloaded from its home page (i.e., http://www.wireshark.org/). Besides, you can find attached to the TMA a file entitled “Introduction to Wireshark” that can help you to start working rapidly with this software.
In this question, you will make some traffic analysis using this passive measurement tool. To start the experiment, you should install and run the software on your mobile device. We recommend that you use laptop having Microsoft Windows as operating system and connected to the network through Wi-Fi. While Wireshark is running, enter the URL of Moodle to navigate to its homepage and then enter your login credentials. During this communication, your browser will contact the server hosting Moodle and exchange messages with it. The frames containing these messages will be captured by Wireshark.
After your browser has displayed your Moodle homepage, stop Wireshark packet capture by selecting stop in the Wireshark capture window. This will cause the main Wireshark window to display all packets captured since you began packet capture. You now have live packet data that contains all protocol messages exchanged between your laptop and other network entities. The message exchanges with the web server should appear somewhere in the listing of packets captured. But there will be many other types of packets displayed as well.
For answering the following questions, you should look at the details of frames and subfields in the middle Wireshark window. It is mandatory that you provide snapshots from the software to prove the accuracy of your answers. Otherwise, no grades will be allocated.
1. What is the MAC and IP addresses of the wireless network connection of your laptop?
2. What is the MAC address of the wireless access point to which you are connecting?
3. What is the IP address of the server hosting Moodle?
4. Try to find the username and password of your Moodle account if they are in plaintext format or encrypted.
5. What do you conclude about the security of the server hosting Moodle in your branch?
6. Provide an overview on HTTPS. Your essay should include at least 200 words and the references.

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