Calculate the availability value of the main system

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Calculate the availability value of the main system

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Tutor-Marked Assignment

Cut-Off Date: xx/xx/xxxx
Total Marks: 40

Question One (12 Marks)
Given the following spreadsheet which shows the population in several countries between 2011 and 2014 inclusive as stated in
Use the excel file provided with the TMA file and answer the following questions.

Country Name Population in 2011 Population in 2012 Population in 2013 Population in 2014
Nigeria 164,192,925 168,833,776 173,615,345 178,516,904
France 65,338,149 65,635,082 65,920,302 66,201,365
Australia 22,340,024 22,728,254 23,125,868 23,490,736
Brazil 196,935,134 198,656,019 200,361,925 202,033,670
USA 311,721,632 314,112,078 316,497,531 318,857,056
Canada 34,342,780 34,754,312 35,158,304 35,540,419
China 1,344,130,000 1,350,695,000 1,357,380,000 1,364,270,000

a) Create a column chart taking into account the following chart options. (Paste the chart in the TMA file taking into consideration that all the following points are clear in the pasted version.)

1) A column chart

2) The x-axis represents the country name. (1Mark)
3) Series represents columns 2, 3, 4 and 5. (4Marks)

4) Write a chart title. (1 Mark)

5) Write a title for the x-axis. (1 Mark)

6) Write a title for the y-axis. (1 Mark)

7) Legend position in bottom. (1 Mark)

b) Based on the population data provided in the above table, can you predict what will happen for the population of the mentioned several countries in the coming years? (3 Marks)

Question Two (14 Marks)
Part 1 of Block 4 discussed telehealth for providing clinical health care at a distant. Teledentistry is a category of telemedicine field.

****** the web and answer the following.

a) Define Teledentistry? (2 Marks)

b) A typical store-and-forward teledentistry system consists of several devices, list three of them?
(6 Marks)

c) Teleconsultation through teledentistry can take place in a way such as “Store-and Forward Method”. Mention other two ways? (4 Marks)

d) List two references you have used in Teledentistry. (Wikipedia is not counted) (2 marks)

Question Three (14 Marks)
Consider a main system with unknown availability. Also, consider a backup system with an availability of 96.3% is used. (Assume the backup system comes into operation immediately if the main system fails.). The combined system with availability of 93.3147%.

Answer the following questions: (14 Marks)

a) Calculate the availability value of the main system? (8 Marks)

b) Calculate the unavailability value of the main system? (2 Marks)

c) Calculate the unavailability value of the backup system in two days? (4 Mar

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