Identify the classes in the above scenario b. Identify the attributes of each class c. Draw a Class Diagram for the above scenario

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Identify the classes in the above scenario b. Identify the attributes of each class c. Draw a Class Diagram for the above scenario

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M363 TMA Fall 2015/2016 Page 1
Faculty of Computer Studies
Course Code: M363
Course Title: Software Engineering with Objects
Tutor Marked Assignment
Cut-Off Date: 04/05/2016 Total Marks: 80
Plagiarism Warning:
As per AOU rules and regulations, all students are required to submit their own TMA work and avoid plagiarism. The AOU has implemented sophisticated techniques for plagiarism detection. You must provide all references in case you use and quote another person's work in your TMA. You will be penalized for any act of plagiarism as per the AOU's rules and regulations.
Declaration of No Plagiarism by Student (to be signed and submitted by student with TMA work):
I hereby declare that this submitted TMA work is a result of my own efforts and I have not plagiarized any other person's work. I have provided all references of information that I have used and quoted in my TMA work.
This TMA should be submitted only as a Word File to your tutor electronically through the LMS before the cut-off date indicated above.
Name of Student:
M363 TMA Fall 2015/2016 Page 2
Question 1 20 Marks This question analyses the students’ application of knowledge in Software Functional and Non Functional requirements learned in Unit-2 of the module. Students must evaluate the AOU’s Learning Management System to answer this question.
The support file attached with the TMA question included a list of 40 (forty) requirements of a Learning Management System.
Based on the measures given in the attached file, you are required to evaluate AOU’s LMS. Your evaluation should include the following:
 Classify the given requirements as functional requirements or non-functional requirements
 Based on your analysis suggest further enhancement in AOU LMS
Question 2 20 Marks This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario to build activity diagrams studied in Unit-3 of the module
The following is a use case description of the AOU’s tutors’ steps in using Learning Management System. Draw a UML activity diagram according to the given description.
Use case name
upload course materials on LMS
Tutor or LMS Administrator
Course file to be uploaded
Pre conditions
1. The system is designed with the course pages
2. The tutor is given user ID
3. The tutor is assigned with their courses in the system
Post conditions
1. The file is uploaded to the system
2. The LMS administrator is notified of with an acknowledgement
3. The event is logged by the system
Main success scenario
1. The AOU tutor logs into the system by entering his/her username and password;
2. The system checks the username and password;
3. The system displays the list of courses those are assigned to the tutor
M363 TMA Fall 2015/2016 Page 3
4. The tutor selects the course where the material to be uploaded
5. The tutor selects the option of upload file
6. The system prompts the tutor to enter the description, file name and additional information if any
7. The tutor enters description and file name and types in the additional information also selects the location of the file
8. The tutor selects the course file and the file is uploaded to the system
9. The system saves the file
10. The system confirms the success of uploading the file
11. The system notifies the LMS administrator about the submission
12. The user quit the system or upload other files
Extensions and alternative steps of events
When the username and password provided by the tutor is not correct
Display error message
Prompts to re-enter the user name and password
When the tutor is not a valid user,
Quit the system
Question 3 20 Marks This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario to build use case diagrams studied in Unit-3 of the module
AOU would like to build a conference management system. The following scenario demonstrates the process of AOU’s proposed conference management system with regards to the submitting, reviewing and accepting papers by the authors.
The proposed system will allows any guest user of public, registered users and the AOU staff members to view the activities online. Any member of public can only view the activities online. Registered conference participants and AOU staff have to login in order to submit papers for conference. The author completes an online form that requests the user to input author name, correspondence address, email and, title of paper. The system validates this data and, if correct, asks the author to submit the paper. The author then browses to find the correct paper on their system and submits it. Once received and stored, the system returns to the author a reference number for the paper. Authors may submit as many papers as they like to be considered for acceptance to the conference up until the deadline date for submissions. Papers are allocated to subject expert reviewers for assessment by the conference committee. They review each paper and submit to the system their decision. Once Conference Committee has agreed the decisions authors are informed by email. Accepted papers are then schedule to be delivered at conference. This involves allocating a date, time and AOU’s branch name for the presentation of the paper.
1. Identify any two business processes
2. Identify any two business rules
3. Identify any four functional requirements of the system?
4. Identify any four non-functional requirements and their types of the system?
5. How many actors is part of this system?
6. List any four use cases in this system
7. Draw a use case diagram for the given scenario
M363 TMA Fall 2015/2016 Page 4
Question 4 20 Marks This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario to build class diagrams studied in Units-3,4 and 5 of the module
The AOU conference system mentioned in question-3 would require keeping track of conference committee members, reviewers, authors, papers, conference sessions and conference details. The conference committee has committee ID, Name of Staff, committee role. The committee has three of roles includes academic, recreation and public relation. Authors’ details are author name, correspondence address, email and title of paper. Reviewers detailed to be stored are reviewer ID, name and specialization. The committee organizes and controls various conferences each of which has a unique name, a unique number, start date, end date and description of the conference. A conference has many sessions, the session details are session Id, Venue, Date and time of session. The conference paper details are Paper title, author name and description.
a. Identify the classes in the above scenario
b. Identify the attributes of each class
c. Draw a Class Diagram for the above scenario
End of Questions
Wish you Good Luck
M363 TMA Fall 2015/2016 Page 5
Faculty of Computer Studies
Course Code: M363
Course Title: Software Engineering with Objects
Tutor Marked Assignment
Question-1: Support File
Learning Management System – Suggested Requirements
1. Ability to use mobile devices to access course content and all course tools are available in the mobile client
2. Available tools in the mobile client have the same functionality as the web version.
3. The LMS is mobile-ready when using the web version through smart phones.
4. Detailed student system tracking available (log in, log out, last accessed, IP address)
5. Detailed student tracking available for each course tool (How many discussion posts were read, how long did they spend on each quiz question)
6. Ability to set different assessment time frames for individual students (e.g., students with disabilities who need more time)
7. Ability to provide a variety of feedback types (e.g., text, audio, video) for assignments, discussions, other student activities
8. Ability to add audio/video components to quizzes or exams
9. Ability to add captions to assessments
10. Concurrent user capabilities
11. The system protect confidential data and session activity both within the application and in transit
12. Data and session activity are encrypted
13. The system supports mass notifications for users during emergencies
14. Learners must be able to access the LMS and its content in their native language and learner interface available in multiple languages
15. The system administrator must be able to configure permissions
16. The LMS must support specific country regulations related to security and accessibility
M363 TMA Fall 2015/2016 Page 6
17. The LMS must be easily scalable to handle increasing numbers of users and content to keep in step with the growth of the organization.
18. Methods of data exchanges and encryption supported
19. Help Desk options available for students such as email, chat etc
20. Login encryption/validation with password and user IDs determine secure authentication
21. Configurable security settings (password characteristics)
22. Automated system to help students who have forgotten passwords
23. Built in wizards to guide administrators on difficult tasks
24. Links to other training sites or resources (Online Resources)
25. System is modular, allowing deployment of only required functionality (turning on or off features and modules)
26. Integration with virtual meeting/classroom tools such as WebEx
27. Ability for a new learner to request an account
28. Ability for users to select specific language
29. Create, change and view user information/profile and user can belong to multiple user groups
30. Enroll users in courses (individual, groups/batch) and mass registration for multiple learners to one course
31. Can disable a course without removing it from the LMS
32. Possible to conduct online tests and ability to set passing scores for tests
33. Real-time reporting available and ability to export report data
34. Automated reminder notices via email
35. Ability to send emails to user's email address listed in their profile and ability to send emails to selected users
36. Provides full synchronous and synchronous Interaction.
37. Provides collaboration features common to both synchronous & asynchronous environments, such as video + visual presentation (example: PowerPoint)
38. Ability to convert training materials to other formatting and languages
39. Provides for links to external sources of information and course evaluations
40. Profiles contain basic personal information, training history, job information, education levels, skills, training preferences, supervisor's name, tutor’s name

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